Tuesday, 3 March 2009

march 3rd "white lace and promises"

knitted ruffles! and knitted knickers, i made lace yarn using a found piece of white lace curtain and re knitted into a pair of knickers, i came across the text "white lace and promises" somewhere and wanted to knit something based on it...i'm going to take this idea further, i like the idea of contrasting white and purity and all the connotations that come with white lace.

and some more styling with samuel, my theme includes faded drama and slow theatrical movement....forgotten harlequins and melancholy mimes.

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Lita said...

since you're taking my name in vain without permission, I would like the second outfit, including hat. come to think of it, i may not sue at all if i also have the gentleman's yellow jumper. thank you.